March Glossybox- the Harrods Special Edition Box!

Hi Everyone!

My lovely postman just handed me something I was eagerly awaiting….the Harrods x Glossybox!

I had been subscribed to glossybox since last year and always felt excited when my glossybox came each month. This year I didn’t feel the same way, and the fact that some boxes were clearly ‘better’ in terms of brands and products overall put me off glossybox completely- I felt I had no other choice but to unsubscribe.

When I heard about the Harrods edition of the glossybox, I felt I should give Glossybox another chance and see if my main concerns- ‘equality’ of the boxes, the apparant tailoring of products to my needs for example- would be better addressed.

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Joliebox UK February 2012!

February Joliebox UK/ Boudoir Prive Box

Hello Everyone! This is my first post as a blogger, although i’ve been interested in beauty for quite a while 🙂 The main reason I started this blog was to document my search for quick, easy and ‘pressure-proof’ makeup and skincare since I’m studying for (and will soon be working in) quite a high pressure career in which I need to look professional at all hours.

So…. onto my first post!

This is my first box from Boudoir Prive, and i’ll admit it- the main reason I subscribed was because of its partnership with Joliebox paris. Although I love makeup, if I had to choose I would always pick skincare over makeup- after all if your skin looks amazing, you need less makeup! French ladies always have beautiful skin and take time to maintain it, so when I heard about the joliebox/boudoir prive marriage I immediately subscribed!!!

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