April Beauty box update- Joliebox and Glossybox UK!

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently, work has been hectic and life seems to have gotten in the way. No worries though, i’m back with a double update of my April beauty boxes!

I received my Joliebox first… Continue reading


March UK Joliebox!

Hi everyone!

I’ve just received my March Joliebox, and couldn’t wait to show you all! This months Joliebox was filled with full size products so I was really looking forward to getting my box.

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Revlon Lip Butters in the UK- Macaroon and Berry Smoothie!

Hello my lovely readers!

Check out what I managed to pick up yesterday…..

I was so unbelievably excited when I picked the new Revlon Lip Butters up from Boots! In fact the girl serving me at the tills was equally excited so I decided to rip open the box there and then so we could both ogle them! Continue reading

March Glossybox- the Harrods Special Edition Box!

Hi Everyone!

My lovely postman just handed me something I was eagerly awaiting….the Harrods x Glossybox!

I had been subscribed to glossybox since last year and always felt excited when my glossybox came each month. This year I didn’t feel the same way, and the fact that some boxes were clearly ‘better’ in terms of brands and products overall put me off glossybox completely- I felt I had no other choice but to unsubscribe.

When I heard about the Harrods edition of the glossybox, I felt I should give Glossybox another chance and see if my main concerns- ‘equality’ of the boxes, the apparant tailoring of products to my needs for example- would be better addressed.

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Revlon Lip Butters UK Release Date!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick post to say that the much anticipated Revlon Lip Butters should be in the UK very very soon! Rumours are that they should be released around the 12th -14th of March, just in time for Mothers Day on the 18th. Although a recent tweet from @RevlonUK said the release date was the 19th….Not the best date to release them in my opinion, as many people will want one for their mums!

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Joliebox UK February 2012!

February Joliebox UK/ Boudoir Prive Box

Hello Everyone! This is my first post as a blogger, although i’ve been interested in beauty for quite a while 🙂 The main reason I started this blog was to document my search for quick, easy and ‘pressure-proof’ makeup and skincare since I’m studying for (and will soon be working in) quite a high pressure career in which I need to look professional at all hours.

So…. onto my first post!

This is my first box from Boudoir Prive, and i’ll admit it- the main reason I subscribed was because of its partnership with Joliebox paris. Although I love makeup, if I had to choose I would always pick skincare over makeup- after all if your skin looks amazing, you need less makeup! French ladies always have beautiful skin and take time to maintain it, so when I heard about the joliebox/boudoir prive marriage I immediately subscribed!!!

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