April Beauty box update- Joliebox and Glossybox UK!

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts recently, work has been hectic and life seems to have gotten in the way. No worries though, i’m back with a double update of my April beauty boxes!

I received my Joliebox first…


I was greeted with the Joliebox magazine on opening the box. I love the idea of having a quick read of the trends in skincare and makeup, and having a magazine dedicated to just those alone.


Together with that, came a little card detailing a £10 off voucher code from Boticca.com. Having a quick browse on the site made my heart happy, but my purse very very sad 😉 I’ve already put a few necklaces on my wishlist- i’m just waiting for that lovely day when my paycheck arrives 🙂


In the April Joliebox I recieved…:

1. KMS FreeShape Hot Flex Spray- “A protective heat styling spray for hair that lasts until the next wash”

I haven’t tried this yet, but my quest for perfect hair is drawing me to it like nothing before! It’s a good sized sample, and although I try to use the least amount of heat on my hair as I possibly can, I will definitely be using this the next time I use heat to style my hair.

2. Pure Fiji Exotic Bath and Body Oil- “A multi tasking nourishing oil that can be used on the body, hair and scalp”

I’m really looking forward to using this. After watching Andrea of AndreasChoice use coconut oil on her hair as a deep conditioner I’ve been wanting to deep condition my hair. This also contains exotic nut extracts- perhaps it will be a mixture of the macadamia hair range with a coconut infusion? It smells amazing and I will definitely be trying this tonight.

3. Balance Me Daily Essentials Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm- “A daily cleanser containing anti-oxidant Arctic Cloudberry and gentle polishing oatmeal”

This is a rather meager sample to be honest. I’m not sure if I will be able to get a good opinion on this cleanser with the amount given. It sounds a lot like the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish- in fact the directions for use on the back use the same principles as the C&P so i’ll see how it compares.

4. Tropic Skincare Skin Revive- “Bursting with vitamins and pure plant actives that help to visible firm and intensely nourish the skin”

This is from a brand that I’ve never tried before, although I remember hearing about it as it is founded by a previous Apprentice contestant. I think this would probably be used over a moisturiser or in place of a moisturiser depending on your skin type and the amount of hydration your skin needs.

5. Bellapierre Black Mascara- “A long lasting mascara instantly creates thicker and fuller lashes”

I haven’t yet opened the tube yet because I won’t be able to use it until I’ve finished my Lancome Hypnose mascara. This is a full size product, and I probably wouldn’t have tried this unless I had received this in a beauty box- its rather expensive for a mascara (£19.99) and I haven’t really heard much about this brand. Other bloggers seem to have mixed views on it, especially considering the high-end price point, so  will reserve judgement on it.

Overall, a rather well rounded box with a good mixture of face and hair products. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the idea that every subscriber gets the same products. I also like the little bonus of a discount code or voucher from an online store. It seems like joliebox cover every angle- hair, makeup, skincare, and accessories. Joliebox are definitely becoming my favorite beauty box in the UK!

I received the April Glossybox next…


First things first, well done Glossybox on the packaging! The April box is their Eco/World box, and the packaging reflects that. I love the box, it has a paper-y- chipboard like texture in a wonderful light beige shade. Inside, the ribbon is a cotton material and is a similar shade as the box and paper. Unfortunately, Glossybox really missed a trick- they could’ve gotten rid of the ‘zig-zag’ packaging inside completely. There is nothing in the box which is breakable or made of glass at all. Part of me thinks that the box is filled up with that packaging to bulk up the box- without it the box would seem empty with the samples rattling around inside. If they had to fill it up with something they could’ve tried hay- its soft (if they really mean to protect the products), fits their monthly theme, and you could simply throw the hay into your garden/ flower pot/ window box to degrade naturally.


In my April Glossybox I received….


1. Philip B Drop Dead Straightening balm- ” A non-greasy, silicone free, water-soluble styling aid that gives curly or wavy hair a straight, tangle-free and sleek finish”

This is a balm to use prior to hair styling to help your hair to stay straighter and sleeker. It sounds quite interesting- April (or May, as its nearly the end of April now!) may end up becoming the battle of beauty box hair products! The downside to this is that this has no heat protection compared to the KMS.Image

2. Inika cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner

Natural eyeliners make me a little wary. I always worry that they’ll be chalky, rough to use with little pigment. This eyeliner has completely challenged that view! Its creamy and smooth with a decent amount of pigment. I have the shade of sapphire- a deep royal blue which is completely inspiring me to try the Pixiwoo Ocean Blue Eyes look or the Lisa Eldridge Navy Smoky Eyes look for the evening!


3. Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum- “This newly launched ultra-concentrated is extremely natural and plant based, ensuring your skin never lacks moisture.”

This is the deluxe size exclusive to glossybox following their Caudalie event a few weeks back. I LOVE caudalie- they are one of my favorite brands, and of all the products i’ve tried from them only one of their products hasn’t worked for me! I think I may alternate this serum with the brightening serum from caudalie (review coming up soon!) every morning. I have normal-dry skin and serums really help to lock in moisture for the day ahead.


4. Monu Professional Skincare Enriched Body Cream- “A rich, indulgent cream to comfort and nourish the skin. Skin feels soft, smooth and nourished”
I’ve received the Monu Recovery Balm in a previous Glossybox and really liked it. I’m not too fond of body products- I usually use BioOil after bathing and it locks in moisture well enough, but i’ll give this a go and see if it can convert me to lotions! 


5. Figs and Rouge Lip Balm- ” An organic multipurpose balm”

This seems very similar to the well known Smiths Rosebud salve- a multipurpose hydrating balm for dry skin and lips. I’ve heard of Figs and Rouge before and the brand seems to be quite well respected, so i’m looking forward to trying this out.

April’s Glossybox was quite a good box too and pretty much on an even pegging with Joliebox. The one negative for Glossybox is that it came very late. Although Glossybox notified all its subscribers that it would be delayed due to Easter, this reason doesn’t wash with me. Joliebox also had to deal with the same problem, yet their box arrived on time. And its not as if Easter is some kind of surprise holiday- it comes every year and there are always a few days off, Glossybox were simply unprepared to send out the boxes.

As you can tell, I have quite a few samples to deal with at the moment. I also have quite a few from previous beauty boxes to try out so I’ve decided to take a break from both Joliebox and Glossybox at the moment. The samples are piling up and I’m not really getting a chance to use them; once I’ve worn m supply down a bit I’m sure i’ll be resubscribing.

Instead, I’ll be posting and reviewing my favorite eye cream for really bad dark circles (as in ‘when was the last time you slept’ type of circles) and my favorite treatments for hyperpigmentation, so keep an eye out for those. If you haven’t already, you can follow me on bloglovin or on twitter for updates!


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