Revlon Lip Butters in the UK- Macaroon and Berry Smoothie!

Hello my lovely readers!

Check out what I managed to pick up yesterday…..

I was so unbelievably excited when I picked the new Revlon Lip Butters up from Boots! In fact the girl serving me at the tills was equally excited so I decided to rip open the box there and then so we could both ogle them! I managed to order them online a week or so ago and chose the shades 096 Macaroon/Macaron  and 050 Berry Smoothie.


Both are stunning shades…

First up is Berry Smoothie

Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie, such a beautiful shimmer!

I had a busy day of work ahead of me this morning, my job involves a lot of talking and sometimes doing presentations, and today seemed like the perfect day to test these out! I wore Berry Smoothie and it lasted at least 4 hours before I noticed it fading. I have particularly dry, prone-to-chapping lips and the formulation was wonderfully moisturising. On my lips it felt similar to the cult favorite Smith’s Rosebud salve, one of my favourite lip saviors.

The shade is a pretty, natural raspberry pink with a beautiful shimmer (the shade in the second picture is more accurate). The shimmer is very subtle in daylight (my camera couldn’t pick it up clearly), but in low light there is a gorgeous light pink-gold twinkle. It’s the perfect lip butter for day to night use; natural and professional in the day and subtly shimmering in the evening. I’ve seen many people wearing this shade and on each person it looks different- in my opinion it’s the kind of shade that will work for anyone to give that perfect ‘my lips but better’ colour. I think it would suit any skin tone so if you get a chance, definitely keep an eye out for it!

Secondly, shade 096 Macaroon/Macaron

Revlon Lip butter in Macaroon/ Macaron UK Exclusive!

Macaroon is exclusive to the UK (although I think it is sold in Asia), so I had to pick one up! This is darker that Berry Smoothie and is more of a muted red than pink shade, so I have no idea where its name came from!

Revlon lip butter in Macaroon: A red shade which is only ever so slightly pinkish, making this very wearable.

It does have a gold shimmer, more so than Berry Smoothie, with a hint of pink. It would give the perfect hint of natural red for an evening out. If you are a little wary of wearing a red lip, this is perfect to experiment with as it can be built up to a deeper red (just keep dabbing your lips with tissue after each application to make sure its not too heavy on the shimmer or glossiness!).

The contrast with the white is making the shade of Macaroon look a lot darker (and browner!) than it actually is, but this was the only way my camera would pick up that gorgeous gold shimmer! The shade in the pictures above is much more accurate 🙂

Again, the formulation is great. It has no scent or taste, which is happily my preference.

My only gripe about these are that the bullet is very soft. Twisting the product back into the tube usually means the back of the bullet is ‘scraped’ by the tube. The best way to avoid this is to use the lip butter in the normal way to a lipstick (with the slanted end) and then swipe the back of the bullet (behind the slant) to finish, in a way ‘pushing’ the lip butter back in place.

In summary, I love these. They are, in essence, well pigmented lip balms/glosses and wear well during the day. Berry Smoothie is going to be a permanent addition to my daily routine and I’ll probably always have one of these in my bag during the day as it works so well for work and after-work. Macaroon/Macaron is going straight into my clutch so i’m prepared for any evening out, and I’d probably add this to my travel makeup too.

Boots currently have a 2 for £10 offer on Revlon cosmetics, so this is a perfect time to try and nab some of these lip butters. I managed to get mine by regularly checking the site, but they sell out amazingly fast (although they’re in stock right now at 3AM!), so if they’re in stock get them in your basket quickly! Get them here:


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