March Glossybox- the Harrods Special Edition Box!

Hi Everyone!

My lovely postman just handed me something I was eagerly awaiting….the Harrods x Glossybox!

I had been subscribed to glossybox since last year and always felt excited when my glossybox came each month. This year I didn’t feel the same way, and the fact that some boxes were clearly ‘better’ in terms of brands and products overall put me off glossybox completely- I felt I had no other choice but to unsubscribe.

When I heard about the Harrods edition of the glossybox, I felt I should give Glossybox another chance and see if my main concerns- ‘equality’ of the boxes, the apparant tailoring of products to my needs for example- would be better addressed.

Did the March box ease my worries…..I’m not sure :S

Here it is!

Firstly, the packaging… Well its beautifully packaged as always, the special edition box is a glossy white with the products wrapped in shiny black tissue paper tied with a Harrods ribbon. Once again though, the inside is filled with an excess of packaging material which is going to have to be recycled since I have no use for it.

Next up, the contents!

This was meant to be the ‘luxury’ edition Glossybox, with all products selected from the Harrods beauty hall.

The 5 Products I recieved are…

1. Versace- Vanitas Versace EDP


This has got to be my favorite product out of the whole box! It’s quite a ‘heavy’ perfume, and has a classic smell (like a ‘mum’s’ perfume) to it but it has a little hints of lime and freesia which makes it more youthful. For someone in their 20’s this may be the perfume to wear to more elegant occasions, but I can’t see myself using it elsewhere. The packaging is gorgeous, especially for a sample! I would love to carry this in my clutch. The fact that it is a Eau de Parfum is great for an evening out as the scent will last a lot longer than a EDT.

2. Bliss- Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter

This is my second favorite product 🙂 The smell is AMAZING if you love citrus-y scents! You can also definitely smell the white pepper too, giving it a little spicy hint. I can’t wait to use this, I’ve heard so much about bliss products I’m glad I can finally give them a go (and I can definitely try them properly thanks to the great size of the sample!)

3. Revive- Intesite Creme Lustre

Finally, a brand I haven’t heard of! This was my main reason in subscribing to glossybox, and I can’t wait to give this a go. I don’t think i’ve yet developed the ‘sagging skin’ that this moisturiser is supposed to help with, but I like the fact it has some sun protection included in it.

4. Lancome- Teint Miracle

Wow, glossybox may actually have tried to personalise my box! I’m so glad to have a foundation sample to try out- its a tad darker than my skintone so I may keep it as my ‘summer’ foundation, but it looks like a great consistency, light and quite pigmented so a little will go a long way. A great sized sample (5ml) too! Of course, glossybox can’t match a foundation to my skintone perfectly (this is shade 03) so I may change my profile on the website or try to mix a little of this with my moisturiser to get a tinted moisturiser.

5. Clarins- Extra Firming Body Cream

This is my least favorite product this month. It’s completely unnecessary in my box as I already have the Bliss body butter, so I have no idea why its in here?!?!It’s a complete waste of a product, as I won’t be able to use it until next month (I only try a new product monthly so I can get a well rounded view on it) and I want to try the Bliss one first. This obviously is aimed at a different market- I’m not that old (yet!) and don’t really need anything to ‘restore the skin’s youthful density and elasticity’ at the moment….This may be a little bonus for my Mum on Mother’s Day.

Will I stay subscribed to Glossybox? Yes, for now. I am seeing signs of improvement- some of the products are tailored to me (the foundation and the bliss body butter), but I’m not too happy about the Clarins and Revive samples- I don’t need them and would’ve much preferred the Burberry lipstick. My only other minor complaint is that Harrods sell many unique brands, and I would’ve loved to see some brands that I have never heard of, or are exclusive to Harrods. 

The fact that some people receive some samples and others don’t is to be expected. After all everyone has different needs (which glossybox are seemingly starting to address- will see if this continues next month!). However, there will always be one product that the majority of people want- in this case it was definitely the mini Burberry lipstick. It may be better to give everyone that one key product and vary the rest. Glossybox could ask their ambassadors what their favorite product is (since they get the box earlier) and include that one for everyone- isn’t that what they’re there for?

What did you get this month? What are your thoughts on the Harrods special edition box?



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