Joliebox UK February 2012!

February Joliebox UK/ Boudoir Prive Box

Hello Everyone! This is my first post as a blogger, although i’ve been interested in beauty for quite a while 🙂 The main reason I started this blog was to document my search for quick, easy and ‘pressure-proof’ makeup and skincare since I’m studying for (and will soon be working in) quite a high pressure career in which I need to look professional at all hours.

So…. onto my first post!

This is my first box from Boudoir Prive, and i’ll admit it- the main reason I subscribed was because of its partnership with Joliebox paris. Although I love makeup, if I had to choose I would always pick skincare over makeup- after all if your skin looks amazing, you need less makeup! French ladies always have beautiful skin and take time to maintain it, so when I heard about the joliebox/boudoir prive marriage I immediately subscribed!!!

Firstly, the packaging. I love it. Its smaller than the glossybox and doesn’t contain the excess packaging that glossybox has.

The contents come in a little drawstring bag. The quality of the bag is not great, but would be useful for travelling, particularly if you want to keep your showering things separate as its the perfect size!
Okay, the most important bit- the contents!!! I had high hopes for the first Joliebox of 2012, especially after the 2 month wait I had for it! (I subscribed in late December, but joliebox decided to take some time to build up the box and send it out in February).

1. Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek stain- Forever pink.

This is supposed to adjust to your mood and temperature. I highly doubt the ‘mood’ part, but I did see a difference in colour from when I applied it to a minute or so later. It turns a sort of pink colour on me- not the easiest shade really. It reminds me of the colour Barbie has on her lips and unfortunately, doesn’t really suit me.

2. Lavera Basic Sensitive Organic Hand Cream

This is great! I have been wanting to try out lavera products for a while, and I will definitely be looking into them more after using this! This hand cream sinks into the skin quickly and has quite a softening and nourishing effect. My hands feel well moisturised (probably due to the almond and shea butter), and this size is great for my handbag!

3. RMK Cleansing oil

I have yet to try this. I’m glad I didn’t get the other option (Kimia Rejuvinating Facial System) as I already have that. I’ve heard quite a lot about RMK so I’m looking forward to trying this out.

4. Macadamia Deep Repair masque

This is a 30ml size sachet. I’m so glad to have this in the box as I was recently thinking that my hair needed a deep treatment. This is the perfect opportunity, and I can’t wait to try it!

5. Taaj Himalaya Micellar Water

This is a makeup remover, similar to the bioderma crealine water. Its a great size (100ml) for travel and I’ll be giving this a go tonight to see how it compares. The bioderma crealine water is amazing, so it would be interesting to see if it can match it (or even better it).

BONUS: Joliebox concealer brush (also sent in the December box)

Overall, I’m pleased with my first Joliebox of 2012. Its not as full as glossybox- I do feel  that I get more from them than I have this month from Joliebox. If you want full size products, definitely go for glossybox; but if you really want to try new brands then give Joliebox a go. Personally, I would like to see more french brands, as there really is no point in partnering with a french company and not introducing french brands into another country. After all, I would have thought that it was the easiest way to get consumers hyped up over new brands!
I’m looking forward to trying all of these products out, I’ll even give the lip tint another go! I think there may be a couple of boxes left, so if you haven’t already subscribed then…

Have you subscribed to Joliebox? What are your thoughts on it?

Thanks for reading my first post, please check back regularly for more reviews and beauty buys!


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